We are Property, Banking, Corporate and Commercial Lawyers

Established in 1917 by Proctor Mr.Ratnakaram and renamed D.M.Swaminathan Associates in 1971 our law firm has been serving Individuals, Corporation and Banks for well over a 100 years.

In the present era Banking and Corporate transactions have become increasingly complex and requires specialist expertise to successfully resolve them. Only a handful of law firms have understood this and are able to productively provide the client’s the expertise they need. D.M.Swaminathan Associates is one such firm.

By employing lawyers, MBA graduates and finance graduates, we provide legal solution which is tailor made for your business. We are also aware that companies today are not judged solely on financial grounds, but also from social and environmental points of view. Therefore, we also predict the ethical consequences of legal and business decisions. We don't just look at what is a good idea right now; rather we also look at what the results will be over a long term.

Today, we are one of the leading law firms in Sri Lanka. We have both a broad vision as well as detailed knowledge of the various fields of property, banking, intellectual property, corporate and commercial law. Our in-depth expertise means that we can handle all types of complex legal issues. At the same time, 100 years of experience has taught us what is required in the form of resources and service to solve our client's problems. Our business concept is to be the Business Law partner which can contribute to the success of its clients through its level of commitment, simplicity in approach and focus on results. We have established a unique level of competence and provide a full banking and business law services.

D.M.Swaminathan Associates always considers the long-term consequences of the advice we provide to our clients. We are committed to doing everything we can to help our clients have successful businesses.

We see beyond the problems. We see solutions. It's that simple.